in apposition

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: apposition - in an appositive manner; "this adjective is used appositively"
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A man at the very lowest point of the social scale was easier and more agreeable for the fallen gentleman to encounter than a person at any of the intermediate degrees; and, moreover, as Clifford's young manhood had been lost, he was fond of feeling himself comparatively youthful, now, in apposition with the patriarchal age of Uncle Venner.
'It would especially be a bad message if we were to have a scenario some believe we might have, that we will not be in apposition to constitute the House of Peoples, which then appoints the FBiH President and the FBiH Government, but I believe that this will not happen,' said the BiH Presidency Chairman Bakir IzetbegoviA.
Kartveit (Old Testament, School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger, Norway) explores construct phrases in Hebrew that use the terms " daughter" or "virgin" rather than the more usual "land" or "river." He discusses signs of Zion, whether "Daughter of Zion" refers to a collective or an individual, "Daughter (of) Zion" in recent research, the genitive and the construct state in Semitic languages, semantic analysis of the construct phrases with "daughter" and/or "virgin," and whether nomen regens in biblical Hebrew can be a metaphor applied (in apposition) to nomen rectum.
He made it clear that the industry is not in apposition to pay any further taxes or levies.