in concert

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سَويا، معًا، بالأتِّفاق مع
v souladuve shodě
i fællesskab


(ˈkonsət) noun
a musical entertainment. an orchestral concert.
in concert
together. to act in concert.
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SINGER and songwriter Gwyneth Herbert will be presenting songs from her album Between Me and the Wardrobe when she appears in concert at the Royal Spa Centre in Leamington on Sunday.
Pianist Jon Kimura Parker appeared in concert Tuesday evening.
Chapter VI of the Draft Guidelines discusses the use of cost contribution arrangements, i.e., where members of an MNE group acting in concert jointly produce or provide goods, intangible property, or services, or jointly acquire goods, intangible property, or services from a third party.(14) The draft recognizes that, in allocating costs, non-financial indicators - such as number of employees, production capacity, and staff time - may be appropriate.(15) TEI supports this approach.