in consequence

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 (kŏn′sĭ-kwĕns′, -kwəns)
a. Something that logically or naturally follows from an action or condition. See Synonyms at effect.
b. A punishment or negative repercussion: "Sometimes a cousin's first child was born six months after the wedding; aside from a moment's tsk-tsk, there were no consequences" (Donald Hall).
2. A logical conclusion or inference.
3. Importance in rank or position: scientists of consequence.
4. Significance; importance: an issue of consequence. See Synonyms at importance.
in consequence
As a result; consequently.
References in classic literature ?
Some of Don Antonio's friends dined with him that day, and all showed honour to Don Quixote and treated him as a knight-errant, and he becoming puffed up and exalted in consequence could not contain himself for satisfaction.
In consequence, Saville pays close attention to "race, class, and gender" without distorting the empirical record and making a damned fool of herself.
Cyr would have faced a retroactive change in consequences. (27) They noted that it was not unprecedented for the Court to rule on an issue of retroactivity without choosing a specific date; (28) indeed, the Court had done so just four years earlier in another retroactivity case.