in earnest

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ear·nest 1

Showing or expressing sincerity or seriousness: an earnest gesture of goodwill. See Synonyms at serious.
in earnest
1. With a purposeful or sincere intent: settled down to study in earnest for the examination.
2. Serious; determined: "Both sides are deeply in earnest, with passions that approximate those of civil war" (Conor Cruise O'Brien).

[Middle English ernest, from Old English eornoste; see er- in Indo-European roots.]

ear′nest·ly adv.
ear′nest·ness n.

ear·nest 2

1. Earnest money.
2. A token of something to come; a promise or assurance.

[Middle English ernest, variant of ernes, alteration of Old French erres, pl. of erre, pledge, from Latin arra, alteration of arrabō, from Greek arrabōn, earnest-money, of Canaanite origin; see ʕrb in Semitic roots.]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: earnest - in a serious manner; "talking earnestly with his son"; "she started studying snakes in earnest"; "a play dealing seriously with the question of divorce"
بِجَديَّـهجـاد، جدِّيّـا
for alvori ramme alvoroprigtig
af/fyrir alvöruvera alvara
so všetkou vážnosťou
ciddîciddî biçimdesamimî


(ˈəːnist) adjective
1. serious or over-serious. an earnest student; She wore an earnest expression.
2. showing determination, sincerity or strong feeling. He made an earnest attempt to improve his work.
ˈearnestness noun
earnestly adverb
in earnest
1. serious; not joking. I am in earnest when I say this.
2. seriously; with energy and determination. He set to work in earnest.
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The program began in earnest on November 6, when Ashcroft issued the first federal notice calling for nationals from five Muslim countries--Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Sudan--to register on or before December 16.
The targeting of Arab and Muslim non-citizens by law enforcement, particularly the FBI and INS, began in earnest in the mid-1970's.
Outraged at this peace worker's death, thousands held pray-ins outside the police headquarters in the capital city of Banda Aceh and staged protests in Medan demanding that an investigation be conducted in earnest.