in fact

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: fact - in reality or actuality; "in fact, it was a wonder anyone survived"; "painters who are in fact anything but unsophisticated"; "as a matter of fact, he is several inches taller than his father"
itse asiassaoikeastaantosiasiallisestitosiasiassa
í raun
de fapt


(fӕkt) noun
1. something known or believed to be true. It is a fact that smoking is a danger to health.
2. reality. fact or fiction.
the facts of life
information about sex and how babies are born (in sex education).
factual (ˈfӕktʃuəl) adjective
of or containing facts. a factual account.
ˈfactually adverb
as a matter of fact, in fact, in point of fact
actually or really. She doesn't like him much – in fact I think she hates him!
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I have a suggestion that would aid his approval rating and show that he's not in fact all oil: build one at the Crawford Ranch.
In fact, digital systems are recommended because of its proven ability to help recognize and capture threats in record time.
In fact, Clubb suggests you should ask your vendor a number of questions in order to determine what remains to be done after the upgrade.
In fact, hedge fund returns appear to be in a long-term downward trend.
In fact, as of Autumn 2002, they are all proprietary forms solutions that happen to be based on XML.
In fact, according to the charity Weight Concern, we are now that fattest country in Europe.
In fact, the new initiative amounted to little more than entering the old student-visa forms onto a computer--information, Fischer told The Washington Post, "you can get off the phone book.
122) In fact, both the then-director of the FBI and the regional counsel of the INS, testified to Congress that the sole basis of the government's efforts to deport the LA-8 was their political affiliations.