in flight

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طائِر، أثناء طَيرانِه
v letu
repülés közben
á flugi


(flait) noun
1. act of flying. the flight of a bird.
2. a journey in a plane. How long is the flight to New York?
3. a number of steps or stairs. A flight of steps.
4. a number of birds etc flying or moving through the air. a flight of geese; a flight of arrows.
ˈflighty adjective
(usually of girls and women) with easily changed ideas; not thinking deeply; always looking for amusement.
flight deck
1. the upper deck of an aircraft carrier where planes take off or land.
2. the forward part of an aeroplane where the pilot and crew sit.
in flight
flying. Have you seen the geese in flight?

see also fly2.
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The IFDP framework has been developed to take action on Exchange data while In Flight during Exchange migrations," said Eriq VanBibber, Vice President of Enterprise Messaging Products, Priasoft.
Athena's damage tolerant controls detected the damage in flight and adapted to the new air vehicle configuration for the effects of the lost aileron, recovering the baseline vehicle performance.
The samples, in flights of three glasses ($7 to $10 per flight), include wines by Boutari, Lazaridi, Skouras, Cambas, Tsantali and Hatzimichalis.