in front

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: front - at or in the frontin front - at or in the front; "I see the lights of a town ahead"; "the road ahead is foggy"; "staring straight ahead"; "we couldn't see over the heads of the people in front"; "with the cross of Jesus marching on before"


(frant) noun
1. the part of anything (intended to be) nearest the person who sees it; usually the most important part of anything. the front of the house; the front of the picture; (also adjective) the front page.
2. the foremost part of anything in the direction in which it moves. the front of the ship; (also adjective) the front seat of the bus.
3. the part of a city or town that faces the sea. We walked along the (sea) front.
4. (in war) the line of soliers nearest the enemy. They are sending more soldiers to the front.
5. a boundary separating two masses of air of different temperatures. A cold front is approaching from the Atlantic.
6. an outward appearance. He put on a brave front.
7. a name sometimes given to a political movement. the Popular Front for Liberation.
ˈfrontage (-tidʒ) noun
the front part of a building etc.
ˈfrontal adjective
from the front. a frontal attack.
at the front of
(standing etc) in the front part of something. at the front of the house; They stood at the front of the crowd.
in front (of)
(placed, standing, moving etc) outside something on its front or forward-facing side. There is a garden in front (of the house).
References in classic literature ?
I would have on the side of the banquet, in front, one only goodly room above stairs, of some forty foot high; and under it a room for a dressing, or preparing place, at times of triumphs.
He was running along the sidewMk, in front of her house, and behind him charged several more strikers, while he shouted: "Come on, you Mohegans
In front of the large hall fire, over which hung the colonel's sword, the process was completed and the company, including the saturnine Crook, presented to Sir Leopold Fischer.
On the upper floor there were five bedrooms--two on one side of the passage, corresponding in size with the dining-room and the drawing-room below, but not opening into each other; three on the other side of the passage, consisting of one larger room in front, and of two small rooms at the back.
Over the seat of the chair Tess's face was bowed, her posture being a kneeling one in front of it; her hands were clasped over her head, the skirts of her dressing-gown and the embroidery of her night-gown flowed upon the floor behind her, and her stockingless feet, from which the slippers had fallen, protruded upon the carpet.
Fastening the waist in front were four buttons -- the top one blue, the next yellow, a third red and the last purple.
Westmacott remained rigidly in the one position, while from time to time a shadow passed in front of it to show that her midnight visitor was pacing up and down in front of her.
Just then I thought I heard footsteps in front of the house, but, listening more attentively, found that it had begun to rain, and that I had been deceived by the pattering of the first heavy drops against the windows.
The creature was black all over except its hair, which was fine, and yellow, banged in front across the black forehead and cut close at the sides.
One day when he sat on a stone in front of his cave, and gazed calmly into the distance--one there gazeth out on the sea, and away beyond sinuous abysses,--then went his animals thoughtfully round about him, and at last set themselves in front of him.
Soon they reached a place where the water met in front.
So they travelled on for about ten minutes, when suddenly, through the slanting screen of wind-driven snow, something black showed up which moved in front of the horse.