in height

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: height - having a specified height; "five feet tall"; "five feet in height"
tall - great in vertical dimension; high in stature; "tall people"; "tall buildings"; "tall trees"; "tall ships"
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Kevin, of no fixed address, is described as white, 6ft 2 ins in height and of slim build with brown hair.
The submarine measures 67.5 metres in length and 12.3 metres in height, according to the Indian Navy.
De Laet (circled) is said to be bitterly disappointed to have been axed by Stoke, with Tony Pulis looking to build a team of 11 players who are all over 6ft 7in or above in height, so Rory Delap can continue to hurl the ball into the box from throw ins and air bombard to kingdom come."