in jest

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على سَبيل المُزاح
v legraci
for sjovi spøg
í gríni
şaka olarakşakadan


(dʒest) noun
a joke; something done or said to cause amusement.
to joke.
ˈjester noun
in former times, a man employed in the courts of kings, nobles etc to amuse them with jokes etc.
in jest
as a joke; not seriously. speaking in jest.
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Senate Majority Leader Vicente 'Tito' Sotto III said this in jest on Monday after former Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon accused him of making an 'illegal request' from him.
It pokes fun at their history in a lighthearted way and, of course, it's all meant in jest.
His lawyer, Norman Mangena, said: "He mentioned the president in jest.
He speaks in jest and we laugh, but it makes us think.
Though the challenge had been thrown out in jest, Nathan told his teacher he would consider it.
Brown said he was only speaking in jest when he approached the officer during a night out drinking with friends after final exams and said: "Excuse me, do you realize your horse is gay?
In addition, humorous texts contain an inbuilt disclaimer defusing the implications of the humorous situation by announcing that they were meant in jest, not in earnest.
Trouble is, some of the truest comments are made in jest.
Instances of female cleverness or success in jest literature have usually been read either as 'male-authored satire against women's unchaste tongues' (p.
We half debated - just in jest - that we might put him in this time,'' said Lewis of his triple Gold Cup winner, ``but Henrietta Knight rang me just before the entries closed and we decided not to bother.
Last night, a spokesman for Blue said: "There was a big showdown when a cameraman made some remarks to Lee in jest.