in memoriam

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in me·mo·ri·am

 (ĭn′ mə-môr′ē-əm)
In memory of; as a memorial to. Used especially in epitaphs.

[From Latin in memoriam, to the memory (of) : in, in, into + memoriam, accusative of memoria, memory.]
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in memoriam

(ɪn mɪˈmɔːrɪəm)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) in memory of; as a memorial to: used in obituaries, epitaphs, etc
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in me•mo•ri•am

(ɪn məˈmɔr i əm, -ˈmoʊr-)
in memory (of); to the memory (of); as a memorial (to).
[1840–50; < Latin]
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in memoriam

A Latin phrase meaning in memory of, often used on gravestones.
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References in classic literature ?
As an outcome of this grief we have one of Tennyson's finest poems, In Memoriam. It is an elegy which we place beside Lycidas and Adonais.
In Memoriam is a group of poems rather than one long poem--
"In Memoriam" was in that book, and the "Princess"; I read the "Princess" through and through, and over and over, but I did not then read "In Memoriam" through, and I have never read it in course; I am not sure that I have even yet read every part of it.
Tennyson's grief, at first overwhelming, was long a main factor in his life and during many years found slow artistic expression in 'In Memoriam' and other poems.