in other words

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jinými slovy
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In other words, money must be cut to prevent more terrorist attacks.
In other words, there's more to quality of life than keeping people dry and fed.
In other words, the carnival muses can give life and material existence ("gold, blood, music") or, as objects of desire and fetishization, transfer their own "tragically based fertility, to the perilous world of the symbolic dying god.
It was from this perspective that I agreed to review the Oxford Shakespeare Topics series -- with voyeuristic curiosity, in other words. The series was designed to be "accessible" to students and teachers, a label I would never give my own performances at the GEMCS conference.
"If the paper is genuine and had a serial number, one possibility is that a phony birth was registered." The certificate may have been real, in other words, but the "citizen" had never really existed--he was only a "paper baby."