in particular

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 (pər-tĭk′yə-lər, pə-tĭk′-)
1. Of, belonging to, or associated with a specific person, group, thing, or category; not general or universal: She did not have a particular café in mind for their get-together.
2. Distinctive among others of the same group, category, or nature; noteworthy or exceptional: an area known for its particular style of architecture.
a. Of, relating to, or providing details; precise: gave a particular description of the incident.
b. Attentive to or concerned with details or niceties, often excessively so; fussy.
4. Logic Encompassing some but not all of the members of a class or group. Used of a proposition.
1. An individual item, fact, or detail: The two schools are similar in every particular. The police refused to divulge the particulars of the case.
2. Logic A particular proposition.
in particular
Particularly; especially: The children enjoyed the zoo; in particular, they liked the monkeys.

[Middle English particuler, from Old French, from Late Latin particulāris, from Latin particula, diminutive of pars, part-, part; see part.]
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: particular - specifically or especially distinguished from others; "loves Bach, particularly his partitas"; "recommended one book in particular"; "trace major population movements for the Pueblo groups in particular"
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i synnerhet


(pəˈtikjulə) adjective
1. of a single definite person, thing etc thought of separately from all others. this particular man/problem.
2. more than ordinary. Please take particular care of this letter.
3. difficult to please. He is very particular about his food.
parˈticularly adverb
more than usually. He was particularly pleased to see his brother.
parˈticulars noun plural
facts or details. You must give them all the particulars about the accident.
in particular
more than others. I liked this book in particular.
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Rob Townend, of Aviva, said: "On Bonfire Night in particular, many people are out of the house at parties and the noise of fireworks provides a distraction and means that suspicious sounds aren't heard."
The pipeline allowing Tunisia to meet part of its needs in natural gas used, in particular, for power production has been, over the recent weeks, the target of protest movements (sit-ins, social claims) at the level of the gas compressor stations.
I remember one goal in particular for Cowdenbeath against Stirling Albion which was from the halfway line.
In particular, we wish to recognise the incredible contribution that our student coordinator has made on our behalf throughout the breeding season.
Authentication systems for ATMs, in particular, afford a high level of security when used together with an IC card.
Based on these circumstances, in particular the control the club exerted over Ware's dress, behavior, the services rendered and the payment process, and the fact his services benefited the club, the court concluded an employment relationship had been established and the caddie should be classified as an employee.