in propria persona

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in pro·pri·a per·so·na

 (ĭn prō′prē-ə pər-sō′nə)
adv. Law
In one's own person, especially without representation by an attorney.

[Medieval Latin in propriā persōnā : Latin in, in + Latin propriā : feminine ablative sing. of proprius, one's own + Latin persōnā, ablative of persōna, person.]

in propria persona

(ɪn ˈprəʊprɪə pɜːˈsəʊnə)
(Law) chiefly law in person; personally

in pro•pri•a per•so•na

(ɪn ˈproʊ pri ə pərˈsoʊ nə)

adv. Law.
represented by oneself, not by an attorney.
[1645–55; < Latin: in one's own person]

in propria persona

A Latin phrase meaning in person.
References in classic literature ?
A single glance satisfied her that the White Worm in PROPRIA PERSONA was not visible.
The website discusses DNA in sexual assaults, DNA in homicide cases, DNA in property crimes, In Propria Persona (Pro Per) status, and the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).
There is no question that in his comments in propria persona, the inspired narrator of Os Lusiadas misses few opportunities to advertise himself and promote his poem, but his rivals are not necessarily Spaniards; in fact, they are either Italian (Boiardo and Ariosto) or classical (Homer and Virgil) (I, 11-12).
In propria persona or pro-per cases, in which parties represent themselves instead of hiring a lawyer, can pose a problem because few know how the system works, according to legal experts.