in silico

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in sil·i·co

 (ĭn sĭl′ĭ-kō)
adv. & adj.
By computer modeling: a hypothesis that was tested in silico but not in vitro; in silico analysis.

[Latin in, in + pseudo-Latin silicō (from English silicon, on the model of in vitro, in vivo, etc., in reference to the silicon chips in computers).]
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The main goal of insist is to advance treatments of ischemic stroke and its introduction in clinical practice by realizing in silico clinical stroke trials in which stroke and treatment are modeled.
The ICE Data Integrator is a query tool that integrates curated in vivo test data, reference chemical information, in vitro assay data, and in silico predictions to facilitate hypothesis generation and testing.
In Silico Drug Discovery and Design: Theory, Methods, Challenges, and Applications
Pressures are mounting on health and treatment resources worldwide," says Dr Keith McCormack, head of business development at the Insigneo Institute for in silico Medicine.
Annotating new genes; from in silico screening to experimental validation.
Specific topics include in silico analysis of combined therapeutics strategy for heart failure, rule-based modeling and model refinement, simulating filament dynamics in cellular systems, reconstruction of biological networks by supervised machine learning approaches, supervised inference of metabolic networks from the integration of genomic data and chemical information, analysis and control of deterministic and probabilistic Boolean networks, probabilistic methods and rate heterogeneity, the impact of whole genome in silico screening for nuclear receptor-binding sites in systems biology, environmental and physiological insights from microbial genome sequences, validation issues in regulatory module discovery, and computational imaging and modeling for systems biology.
Evogene's core in silico technology was built on Compugen's proprietary LEADS platform and it maintains a license for its use in the agbio field.
Using CLS' proprietary in silico prediction technology, the collaboration has identified more than 220 protein-protein interactions, of which 44 disease-related interactions are currently patent pending.
Although Mills says "it's not a focus of our research to come up with an in silico method of looking for allergens," she does say that categorizing proteins into structural families may also help in evaluating the potential allergenicity of proteins found in genetically modified foods.
ADME/ Toxicity prediction is an especially timely and critical issue, with the in silico ADME/Tox market predicted to grow rapidly over the next five years.
Life sciences researchers depend heavily on these biotech key areas: In silico biology, which are computational tools that translate raw data into workable models or simulations, guiding target selection and drug development.
In silico, brain finger-printing and e-day are also competing for inclusion into the Words of the Century compilation - a list of the words that have defined each year since the Collins Gem English Dictionary was first published in 1902.