in specie

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 (spē′shē, -sē)
Coined money; coin.
in specie
1. In coin.
2. In a similar manner; in kind: repaid the offense in specie.
3. Law As specified.

[From (in) specie, (in) the actual form, from Latin (in) speciē, (in) kind, ablative of speciēs; see species.]
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References in classic literature ?
"The estate of L500 a-year I have given to you, Mr Jones: and as I know the inconvenience which attends the want of ready money, I have added L1000 in specie. In this I know not whether I have exceeded or fallen short of your expectation.
In order to confine the dignity of Hadji to gentlemen of patrician blood and possessions, the Emperor decreed that no man should make the pilgrimage save bloated aristocrats who were worth a hundred dollars in specie. But behold how iniquity can circumvent the law!
Payments had to be made in notes or in specie. While the notes furnished a circulating currency, the interest payments provided a revenue stream to the colonial governments.