in style

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fashionable, stylish - being or in accordance with current social fashions; "fashionable clothing"; "the fashionable side of town"; "a fashionable cafe"
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في تَرَفٍ ورَفاهِيَه
ve vší nádheře
med stil
á glæsilegan hátt, meî viîhöfn
honosnev plnej nádhere
gösterişli şekilde


(stail) noun
1. a manner or way of doing something, eg writing, speaking, painting, building etc. different styles of architecture; What kind of style are you going to have your hair cut in?; a new hairstyle.
2. a fashion in clothes etc. the latest Paris styles; I don't like the new style of shoe.
3. elegance in dress, behaviour etc. She certainly has style.
1. to arrange (hair) in a certain way. I'm going to have my hair cut and styled.
2. to design in a certain style. These chairs/clothes are styled for comfort.
ˈstylish adjective
elegant or fashionable. stylish clothes/furniture.
ˈstylishly adverb
ˈstylishness noun
ˈstylist noun
a person who arranges or designs a style especially in hairdressing. a hair-stylist.
in style
in a luxurious, elegant way without worrying about the expense. The bride arrived at the church in style, in a horse-drawn carriage.
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"Soon as we sell some oysters we'll outfit in style."
Well, the good quality of an age, the defect of which lies in the direction of intellectual anarchy and confusion, may well be eclecticism: in style, as in other things, it is well always to aim at the combination of as many excellences as possible--opposite excellences, it may be--those other beauties of prose.
"And I think we will see more interesting clashes in style.