in the course of

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خِلال، أثْنـاء
i løbet af
meîan á stendur


(koːs) noun
1. a series (of lectures, medicines etc). I'm taking a course (of lectures) in sociology; He's having a course of treatment for his leg.
2. a division or part of a meal. Now we've had the soup, what's (for) the next course?
3. the ground over which a race is run or a game (especially golf) is played. a racecourse; a golf-course.
4. the path or direction in which something moves. the course of the Nile.
5. the progress or development of events. Things will run their normal course despite the strike.
6. a way (of action). What's the best course of action in the circumstances?
in the course of
during. In the course of our talk, he told me about the accident.
in due course
at the appropriate or normal time. In due course, this seed will grow into a tree.
of course
naturally or obviously. Of course, he didn't tell me any secrets; Of course I can swim.
off/on course
(not) heading in the right direction. to drift off course; We're back on course.
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Indeed, she returned so often to these sublects, and so frequently called upon them to take a lesson from her,--at the same time vaunting and, as it were, rioting in, her huge unworthiness, and abundant excess of sin,--that, in the course of a short time, she became, in that small chamber, rather a nuisance than a comfort, and rendered them, if possible, even more unhappy than they had been before.
And in the course of our meeting, he kept using the term 'migration' to describe the movement of Mexicans across our border, whether legally or illegally.
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