in the least

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adj.A superlative of little
1. Lowest in importance or rank.
a. Smallest in magnitude or degree.
b. Slightest or tiniest: didn't care the least bit.
adv.Superlative of little
To or in the lowest or smallest degree.
One that is the lowest or smallest in importance, rank, magnitude, or degree: The dinner menu is the least of my worries tonight. The least you can do is to be polite.
at least
1. According to the lowest possible assessment; not less than: We waited at least an hour.
2. Regardless of what has occurred or will occur; in any case: You might at least answer the letter.
3. Used to emphasize a somewhat positive aspect following a negative one: The results weren't encouraging, but at least they were accurate.
in the least
At all: I don't mind in the least.
least of all
Particularly not: Nobody cared, least of all the manager.

[Middle English, from Old English lǣst; see leis- in Indo-European roots.]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: the least - to any extent at all; "are you in the least interested?" the least - in the slightest degree or in any respect; "Are you at all interested? No, not at all"; "was not in the least unfriendly"
References in classic literature ?
This would put Prince in such good spirits that he would sometimes take the kit from his pocket and play a chord or two to astonish the baby, which I never knew it to do in the least degree, for my tiny namesake never noticed it at all.
But Dorothy, knowing her to be a witch, had expected her to disappear in just that way, and was not surprised in the least.