in the meantime

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: the meantime - during the intervening time; "meanwhile I will not think about the problem"; "meantime he was attentive to his other interests"; "in the meantime the police were notified"
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In the meantime Sancho had recounted to them several of the adventures and accidents that had happened his master.
"Neil will be delayed here for a week, and you and I might as well be doing something in the meantime. What do you say?"
In the meantime, judicial officials said that a judge has ordered the deposed President, who has been under detention since his July 3 ouster, to be held for 15 more days pending investigations into charges he conspired in 2011 with Palestinian militants.
In the meantime, police said five people were killed in riot and fire at the Tanjung Gusta penitentiary when around 150 inmates reported escaping on Thursday night.
In the meantime, 36-year-old Williams starts on the wing tomorrow against Australia's top club side, the Brumbies, in a back line yet to greet each other, let alone play together.
In the meantime, can I respectfully ask all local media, fanzines, websites, supporters to boycott the soulless new name - I can't even bear to write the words - by making no references to it on air, in print, in phone-ins, in conversations.
"In the meantime, the hospital workers are frustrated at the Ministry of Health's inability to protect their rights and privileges," she told The Egyptian Gazette, adding that more than 500 underpaid workers would take part in a planned protest outside the People's Assembly building to express their grievances.