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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: this - (formal) in or into that thing or place; "they can read therein what our plans are"
formality - compliance with formal rules; "courtroom formality"
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In this world there are so many of these common coarse people, who have no picturesque sentimental wretchedness!
It was some check upon their transport to find in this person an entire stranger, but they appealed to him, nevertheless, and besought him, in impassioned language, to restore them to their friends.
Now, Tom was not fond of quarrelling, unless it could soon be put an end to by a fair stand-up fight with an adversary whom he had every chance of thrashing; and his father's irritable talk made him uncomfortable, though he never accounted to himself for the feeling, or conceived the notion that his father was faulty in this respect.
Tulliver was in his principle that water was water, and in the direct inference that Pivart had not a leg to stand on in this affair of irrigation, he had an uncomfortable suspicion that Wakem had more law to show against this (rationally) irrefragable inference than Gore could show for it.
P/C Industry 10.6 Note: Data for some companies in this report has been received from the NAIC.
When fully operational, it will link all US embassies and consulates, all INS ports of entry in this country, the State Department's Office of Exchange Coordination and Designation, the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, every institution of higher education that sponsors international students, and every exchange visitor program." The Internet-based solution maintains critical, up-to-date information about foreign students and exchange visitors and their dependents, and allows for electronic access to the information so that INS can track students faster and more accurately.
In this case, it was the professionals at colleges and universities who advise foreign students.
(5) Bearing the brunt of these factors are Arab and Muslim non-citizens in this country.