in velvet

having a coating of velvet{2} over the antlers; in the annual stage where the antlers are still growing; - of deer.

See also: Velvet

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Furthermore there has been a huge increase in the rise of people buying yellow sofas - particularly in velvet.
Every lady feels warm and comfortable in velvet dresses.
l., a subsidiary of Abris CEE Mid-Market Fund III LP, a private equity fund managed by Abris Capital Partners Ltd., has acquired a majority stake in Velvet Care Sp.
Vivo has released its flagship smartphone, the V9, in Velvet Red.
WHERE TO BUY: see p58 Velvet The stars are in velvet this week, but whose look is not too plush?
Lest we forget, it was England's tyrannous King Richard II who, in 1399, demanded to be buried in velvet, even as he starved to death in captivity.
Sugarcane yield was estimated at 98.85t [ha.sup.-1] and decreased approximately 50%, to 53t [ha.sup.-1], with the increase in velvet bean dry weight to approximately 232g [m.sup.-2].
By mid-July, many whitetail hunters are sharing trail-camera pictures of bucks with large antlers covered in velvet. Folks will be trying to estimate the score of these bucks and guess how many more inches they will grow.
Chicago, IL, March 28, 2016 --( After creating a huge buzz with his galvanizing performances down at SXSW, international electro dance rock artist Jupiter In Velvet will be joining the International Pop Overthrow Music Festival as it rolls into Detroit, Michigan on April 7th at PJ's Lager House.
Katie, Katherine and Mollie in Velvet Music Rooms |
However, recent improvements in mass spectrometry and high- speed data processing had made it possible for researchers to sort through the thousands of peptides, proteins and related compounds in velvet to find the ones with bioactive properties.
It's January, and this deer is in velvet! Of course, this question soon was replaced by a burning desire to take this unique whitetail.