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n.1.a wood or metal receptacle placed on a desk to hold incoming material requiring attention, especially documents.
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The Mayor's in-box, Ged's in-box (city council chief executive Ged Fitzgerald) and my in-box continue to be full of messages from across the world about Liverpool and return business," added Mr Steinberg.
OKW has launched IN-BOX - a range of industrial-strength plastic electronic enclosures designed to cope with extremely demanding industrial environments.
We rummage through in-box and postbag to bring you astonishing insights from the business world.
BUSINESS advice can now be delivered straight into your in-box.
Within hours his in-box was full: "I had dudes all over the USA, from San Francisco to New York City, wanting to bring me to America for a vacation.
It is a major transition to move from a professorship where one largely controls one's own intellectual agenda to a position in which one can be nibbled to death by administrivia: the tyranny of the in-box, telephone, drop-in visitors, e-mail," writes C.
I'M A YOUNG ENGLISH PROFESSOR AND YOUR magazine started appearing in my in-box at work I passed it on to my African American literature class and intended to do the same with each issue until I skimmed page 12 in the May issue.
You may even find one of your own division heads "featured," in which case you may want to drop a copy of this column in his or her in-box.
An "Archive" button moves a message out of the in-box, but it remains searchable.
The day my in-box overflowed with messages about the Massachusetts decision, I received two e-mails from my friend.
If you're hiring, the Job Agent allows job seekers to reach more qualified candidates quickly by delivering your posting direct to their in-box.