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I own a home with an in-law apartment, in which I live.
"They are moving into an in-law apartment, and they are getting all new appliances,'' Mr.
When I was laid off a few years ago, my wife, daughters and I moved into the in-law apartment of my parent's suburban home - not the best time in our lives, but it worked out.
The town granted partial exemptions for a paved driveway and air conditioning but denied exemptions for a mudroom, an in-law apartment and related plumbing, and a hallway to the in-law apartment.
I will see a mentor thanked in the acknowledgments for his support, his faith, his in-law apartment. Then I turn to the back cover and see the acknowledgee declaring the book 'huge, important, dazzling, incandescent."'
Brady said she fell into a deep depression, and the family moved to an in-law apartment in her sister's home in Rutland.
Initially, he was looking to build a home with an in-law apartment that felt like a home.
Now imagine you sell your home at age 70 and your son and his wife offer you the option of building an in-law apartment at his existing home.
WEST BOYLSTON - The Zoning Board of Appeals has rejected, by lack of support, an administrative appeal of a building inspector's decision that allowed a rental apartment in a former in-law apartment on Newton St.
That 1988 decision means, according to a Planning Board finding and an email from Isgro, that the subsequent use of the building as an in-law apartment, to which abutters acknowledged, was an illegal use.
Today, Lassey lives at home in an in-law apartment he shares with his girlfriend, who is expecting the couple's first child in October.
The house has an occupied in-law apartment. The residents were allowed to go home after utilities were restored.