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Associated in an official, specified position with an organization such as a university or college. Often used in combination: artist-in-residence.


having a special post or assignment at an institution, usu. with residential privileges (usu. used in combination): a poet-in-residence at the university.
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Special attention will be paid to the in-residence voting, to be implemented in the elections for the first time, Asgarov underlined.
Among other features of Trump Towers are a temperature-controlled indoor swimming pool, a spa and fitness centre, a fine-dining restaurant, business centre, and in-residence catering.
Implementing agency : Cf "Dnipropetrovsk Regional Perinatal Center With In-Residence Of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council"
Oswald, the 13-year-old cat who lives at the Smith and is a popular feature of the venue, has penned his own plea to Stirling Council - with some help from the museum's poet- in-residence John Coutts.
With direct access to The Westin Manila Sonata Place, a la carte hotel services such as housekeeping, in-residence dining, catering, transportation, and in-residence spa are readily available to the residents.
Residence owners will be able to enjoy Raffles' legendary services, including concierge, private transportation and in-residence dining.
In-residence at Elgin Community College, the chorale presents several concerts per year at the Blizzard Theatre at the college, as well as the Hemmens Cultural Center and other locations in the Chicago area.
From in-residence dining and catering to concierge services, housekeeping, salon and spa services, grocery stocking, event planning, childcare, pet care, transportation and business services, the seamless amenities of Twenty Grosvenor Square will be personally tailored to the lifestyle of each resident, offering ultimate customisation and peace of mind.
The program is the only weeklong in-residence business and entrepreneurship camp in the state.
David Burke at Bloomingdale's will offer event catering and a special in-residence dining service.
In the interest of schoolhouse efficiency and effectiveness, the DFM&CS faculty began conducting four in-residence DDSCs, six mobile DDSCs, and four in-residence DFMCs in FY10.
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