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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - being in the original position; not having been moved; "the archeologists could date the vase because it was in-situ"; "an in-situ investigator"
unaltered, unchanged - remaining in an original state; "persisting unaltered through time"
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Summary: However, the lack of well-established distribution networks among small- and medium-sized enterprises is projected to restrain the growth of the in-situ particle measurement market.
[USPRwire, Wed Mar 20 2019] In-situ particle measurement is a method to determine the size of the particles in a liquid or solid particulate matter.
19 March 2019 - US-based water level, water quality and flow monitoring instrumentation provider In-Situ Inc.
The study will be the first of its kind to characterize the use of recycled powder in the Laser Powder Bed Fusion, or LPBF, process using both in-situ monitoring technology and post process mechanical property characterization, and is vitally important to the global Additive Manufacturing, or AM, community because today it is known that changes in powder characteristics and chemistry may impact the build process and resulting part quality.
Boho Five agency, Cool Blue Brand Communications, has designed In-Situ to give firms a 'level playing field' with the multi-nationals and their billion-pound budgets - and avoid 'years of delay' in app development.
A general approach towards rainfall measurement is in-situ rain gauges.
In-situ characterization of heterogeneous catalysts.
Prostate cancer partial payment, paying out for less invasive treatments, typically a payment of 25% of cover up to a maximum PS25,000 Ductal and lobular carcinoma in-situ (CIS) of the breast, partial payment.
Decades of development experience reveal that the pore pressure change has great impact on horizontal in-situ stresses.

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