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Not accessible; remote or unapproachable.

in′ac·ces′si·bil′i·ty n.
in′ac·ces′si·bly adv.
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Adv.1.inaccessibly - in an inaccessible manner; "located inaccessibly on the top of a mountain"
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de Grosjoyaux was of quite another complexion, and appeared to regard his friend's theological unction as the sign of an inaccessibly superior mind.
that immediately thereafter opens part two--a piece of cosmic music of the spheres, icy, clear, transparent as glass, austerely dissonant, to be sure, but whose sound is so sweet, might I say, so inaccessibly alien and superterrestrial that it fills the heart with hopeless longing.
Laura says that after buying and renovating her first home, she was struck by how inaccessibly and costly the interior design industry was, and quickly became frustrated withPinterestas she loved the items she saw in photos but couldn't find where to buy them.
While here the beautiful and the sublime rub up against one another, the real burden of testimony, and of the trauma, lies somewhere in the white space between these lines--between each woman and her aesthetic beautification, between her beautiful living self and her inaccessibly abstracted death.
Now in a newly revised and updated edition, "200 Waterfalls in Central and Western New York" has added some waterfalls to take the place of others that are now inaccessibly located on private property, making it unreservedly recommended for personal and community library New York Travel Guide instructional reference collections.
She also said enrollment can be inaccessibly convoluted for new enrollees and that customers who work with a trained navigator are 60 percent more likely to successfully enroll.
Now think of Internet of Things nodes deployed in hundreds of billions, many still working in one hundred years from now despite being inaccessibly embedded in concrete of bridges and buildings, on billions of trees and so on.
Under the premise of recovering the cost of research and development, pharmaceutical companies are free to set inaccessibly high market prices for their drugs.
Due to development of modern integrated circuit technology, many new electronic circuits have been created not only with greater complexity but also with basic circuit elements being inaccessibly embedded within circuit chips.
First, the inanimate, material world is never so inert or passively receptive to human intention as one might like to believe; matter has properties that exhibit agency of a kind, however subtly or even inaccessibly to human comprehension .
or do I lie In dream, and does the mightier world of sleep Spread far around and inaccessibly In circles?
Agamben, in Remnants of Auschwitz: The Witness and the Archive, argues that "witness (as the inaccessibly true) simultaneously grounds the very possibility of the juridical exercise of the law" even as it calls law itself into question, "dragging it to its own ruin" (17).