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n. pl. in·ad·ver·ten·cies


(ˌɪn ədˈvɜr tns)

1. the quality or condition of being inadvertent; heedlessness.
2. an oversight.
[1560–70; < Medieval Latin inadvertentia= Latin in- in-3 + advert(ere) to pay attention (see advert1)]
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Noun1.inadvertency - the trait of forgetting or ignoring your responsibilitiesinadvertency - the trait of forgetting or ignoring your responsibilities
attentiveness - the trait of being observant and paying attention
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The man's defence was that he had grown so used to the notices and had been so preoccupied with his work that he hadn't applied them to himself; he pleaded, in his defence, what is indeed in military affairs another serious crime, inadvertency.
Inadvertency on this sector during the past has failed to show a significant progress.
What people often don't seem to realise is that a handful of child-onchild killings happen every year in this country, and usually they're a product of inadvertency, of kids of inappropriate age being left in charge, of bullying getting out of hand, and children simply not understanding the likely consequences of their actions.
The president has been guided by a view of race that may be termed strategic inadvertency.
For a woman, making a spectacle out of herself had more to do with a kind of inadvertency and loss of boundaries: the possessors of large, aging, and dimpled thighs displayed at the public beach, of overly rouged cheeks, of a voice shrill in laughter, or of a sliding bra strap .
Jacob, from Taff's Well, tried to close the door slightly, but it closed fully and inadvertency activated the lock.
This cautious, self-critical reflexivity not only is indicative of the depth of the project being advanced by Dussel and how he himself biographically arrived at his own world-view, but also points in my view to the enormity of a broader challenge that exists in any dialogue and liberatory effort in global social transformation, namely that of intellectual inadvertency.
In Grizzly Man, Herzog gives no answer, but he does hint at one in those unstudied moments of Treadwell's footage, their inadvertency and indirection pointing to a "drift" in the drive that precipitates its self-destructive character into a different relation to the world.
106) Although the Supreme Court in Horton explicitly omitted any inadvertency requirement to the plain view doctrine, the Carey court noted that because the officer's subjective intent was to find something not authorized by the warrant, he violated the defendant's Fourth Amendment rights.
The capital lawyer asserted in court that the victim had spent several months with his legs in plaster then returned to the UK, due to him being a known drunk with the habit of lying in the road after midnight, having been knocked over several times before Sam's alleged inadvertency.
But Valences goes beyond inadvertency in this regard.
8) Needless to say, Martin's careful inadvertency would be catastrophic in the arena of such instant perceptual uptake.