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Impossible to alter; unchangeable: the inalterable routine of a physician.

in·al′ter·a·bil′i·ty n.
in·al′ter·a·bly adv.
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Bulgaria confirms the inalterability of its support for the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine and its state sovereignty and territorial integrity, reports Ukrinform.
(17) However, delay or blocking of destiny can only be done for a limited time because of the belief in the inalterability of a wo/man's destiny; they (the wicked people of this world) can only defer destiny but cannot change it.
In turn, the public Ethereum blockchain is used for the sale of project tokens for the widest possible distribution of potential ecosystem participants and to ensure the inalterability of the private blockchain.
However, Maswood is careful not to put the whole blame on the developed countries for the seeming inalterability of the palpable unequal exchange in trade relations between developed and underdeveloped countries; he points out the culpability of the political elites of the underdeveloped countries in the whole saga as well.
The first step towards transition to the critical mode of perception consists of doubt about the obviousness and inalterability of the concept of the child.
As Gaskin observed "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in premise 1 of the Master Argument is functioning not so much in its role as the dual of possibility, but rather as the negation of contingency." (57) Necessity extends to the whole of the past because the passing of time creates an inalterability that excludes the possibility of not having been (or of having been otherwise).