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A woman with whom one has an intimate romantic relationship.

[Italian innamorata, feminine of innamorato, inamorato; see inamorato.]


(ɪnˌæməˈrɑːtə; ˌɪnæmə-)
n, pl -tas
a woman with whom one is in love; a female lover
[C17: see inamorato]


(ɪnˌæm əˈrɑ tə, ˌɪn æm-)

n., pl. -tas.
a female sweetheart or lover.
[1645–55; < Italian innamorata (feminine)]


a female lover or a woman who is loved.
See also: Love
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Noun1.inamorata - a woman with whom you are in love or have an intimate relationship
lover - a person who loves someone or is loved by someone
adult female, woman - an adult female person (as opposed to a man); "the woman kept house while the man hunted"


[ɪnˌæməˈrɑːtə] Namada f, querida f
References in classic literature ?
The anger which fired the eyes of the Musketeer, in spite of his efforts to suppress it, terrified his sensitive inamorata.
de Cominges is the General's inamorata, and, in the second place, that Mlle.
It was a nice change of pace, especially as I soon followed my inamorata to a meeting of a youth movement, Noar Ratz, affiliated with what would eventually become Meretz, Israel's leading progressive party, the liberal faction flanking Labor's centrist bloc from the left.
During his crises of inspiration Rossini was always beset by a multitude of inamorata, but he shortly grew tired of them.
One evening she drove to Fischer's house while his editorial assistant/new inamorata was with him.
Donizetti's comic opera about a young man in love, his clever inamorata, and the .
For the more subtle but fashion-inspired route to cosplaying, there's Inamorata, which has fantasy and fandom apparel, accessories, bags, purses.
INAMORATA A The stage of rigor mortis B A female lover C Unable to change who am I?
62) As in England, these actions were originally limited to husbands, and a wife had no right to civil redress against her husband's inamorata.
Walk in the front door of Russell McCormmach's house in the River Road area of Eugene, and the first thing you'll see, mounted in the entryway, is a three-dimensional paint-on-steel rendition of Pablo Picasso's 1932 painting "Girl Before a Mirror," modeled after the artist's latest inamorata, Marie Therese Walter.
After beginning a game of GTW from his bedroom--a game which shows up on NORAD's computers as a real Soviet threat--Lightman and his inamorata, Mack, track down Dr.