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n. pl. in·am·o·ra·tos
A man with whom one has an intimate romantic relationship.

[Italian innamorato, from past participle of innamorare, to enamor : in-, into (from Latin; see in-2) + amore, love (from Latin amor, from amāre, to love).]
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(ɪnˌæməˈrɑːtəʊ; ˌɪnæmə-)
n, pl -tos or -ti (-ti)
a man with whom one is in love; a male lover
[C16: from Italian innamorato, innamorata, from innamorare to cause to fall in love, from amore love, from Latin amor]
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(ɪnˌæm əˈrɑ toʊ, ˌɪn æm-)

n., pl. -tos.
a male sweetheart or lover.
[1585–95; < Italian innamorato, masculine past participle of innamorare to inflame with love]
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a male lover or a man who is loved.
See also: Love
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Noun1.inamorato - a man with whom you are in love or have an intimate relationship
lover - a person who loves someone or is loved by someone
adult male, man - an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman); "there were two women and six men on the bus"
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Even if the suspected inamorato is a man of the cloth.
also, at her choked up Inamorato Anonymous phone call--after which she
The chance to marry my inamorato would make us both ecstatic.
Pia eventually falls in love with an unnamed 'inamorato,' who people say has had a child with another woman.
And there was no chemistry between her and her new inamorato, Bacchus (Roger Honeywell).
Her emotional propulsion is as great as his, and described in parallel terms: if he is "fieramente inamorato" (4.8.14) she is "fieramente [...] adirata" (4.8.13) at his stubborn resistance to her plan for his social advancement.
Facing the untaught Orlando, who must be schooled in the elegancies fitting a true inamorato, 'Ganymede' explains why he can easily play Rosalind: 'boys and women are cattle of this colour' (3.3.370).
(74) Ariosto, Orlando Furioso; Boiardo, Orlando inamorato; Giovanni Battista Lalli, Tito-Vespasiano ouero Gerusalemme disolata poema eroico (Venice: Giacomo Sarzina, 1629); Drayton, Poems.
The poetry of Mircea Butcovan illustrates well aspects of this paradoxical dialectic, negotiating in Allunaggio di un immigrato inamorato (The Moon Landing of an Immigrant in Love; 2006) the uncertain spaces between movement and rest, boundary-crossing and imaginary homelands.
Two male figures, labeled "Hypochondriacus" and "Inamorato" occupy the mid section of Burton's frontispiece.