Difficult or impossible to appease: inappeasable resentment.


not able to be appeased


(ˌɪn əˈpi zə bəl)

not appeasable.
References in classic literature ?
Mr Merdle didn't want him, and was put out of countenance when the great creature looked at him; but inappeasable Society would have him--and had got him.
He seemed to project those two shining knobs of temples of his into everything that went on and to brush his hair farther and farther back, until the very roots were almost ready to fly out of his head in inappeasable philanthropy.
A person whose inconsistent foreign policy -- pursued with an insatiable hunger for power and short-sightedness attributable to inappeasable lust -- has made Turkey experience problems with virtually every country around the world and who was greeted with newspaper headlines reading "You are not welcome here" in Germany and Austria -- can he make a good president?
His inappeasable disquiet ("coeur insoumis, coeur mal comble" 51) is captive to an unknown force leading him ("l'inconnu qui traine" 61) to what he cannot understand.