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 (ĭn-ăp′ĭ-təns) also in·ap·pe·ten·cy (-tən-sē)
Lack of appetite.

in·ap′pe·tent adj.


(ɪnˈæpɪtəns) or


rare lack of appetite or desire
inˈappetent adj


(ɪnˈæp ɪ təns)

lack of appetite.
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The clinical signs of Caryospora species infection in falcons depend on the age of the bird and the infective dose16 and consist of abdominal cramps, lethargy, fluffed appearance, weight loss, inappetence, vomiting, brownish or hemorrhagic diarrhea, and death in severe cases.
Doodo (NPK022) Lethargy, Appetite loss or inappetence Anacardiaceae 4.
Early recognition of sepsis (lethargy, inappetence, abnormal swelling or discolouration) is vital if treatment is to be successful.
In addition to the clinical signs apparent with the uncomplicated form, the dog may also exhibit a fluctuating fever; inappetence or anorexia; exercise intolerance; dyspnea (difficult or labored breathing); increased intensity of normal lung sounds, with crackling or wheezing, often presenting with pneumonia.
Inappetence and decreased milk yield as clinical signs.
The company added that Entyce, which is a ghrelin receptor agonist, is a new chemical entity and is a first-of-its-kind therapeutic to treat inappetence in dogs.
Various clinical signs such as pyrexia, occasional shivering, inappetence, urticarial swelling, lethargy, going down in condition and edema of pads were observed in few cases.
According to the company, Entyce, a ghrelin agonist, is a new chemical entity and a first-of-its-kind therapeutic to treat inappetence in dogs.
Some clinicians draw attention to the fact that, in certain carcinogenic processes, the depression manifests as an early symptom (asthenia, fatigability, insomnia, inappetence, lowering of the elan vital, pessimism, helplessness, and so on).
In the late stages, common symptoms include progressive emaciation, a low-grade fluctuating fever, weakness and inappetence.