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Not pertinent; unsuitable.

in·ap′po·site·ly adv.
in·ap′po·site·ness n.
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not appropriate or pertinent; unsuitable
inˈappositely adv
inˈappositeness n
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(ɪnˈæp ə zɪt)

not apposite; not pertinent.
in•ap′po•site•ly, adv.
in•ap′po•site•ness, n.
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Adj.1.inapposite - of an inappropriate or misapplied nature
malapropos - of an inappropriate or incorrectly applied nature
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[ɪnˈæpəzɪt] ADJinapropiado, fuera de lugar
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The question seemed singularly inapposite. The silence to which I have alluded was eloquent: was it not for this very purpose, it seemed to say, that I had been invited to the sacerdotal proceedings?
Chavez's recommendation of George Orwell's "Notes on Nationalism" is strikingly inapposite to the argument she is trying to make.
Furthermore, the two cases cited by petitioner in his motion are inapposite. Therefore, petitioner's final ground for relief fails to state a cognizable claim for relief under 2255.
1030 (2008), which is not inapposite, but, rather, supports application of the doctrine to the circumstances the trooper confronted here.
The reply brief can be used, for example, to correct a point of law or fact in the respondent's brief, point out any weaknesses in the reasoning of the respondent, explain why the authority upon which the respondent relies is inapposite or does not represent either the majority or the better reasoned decisions on the subject; and alert the court of new law on the subject since the filing of the petitioner's opening brief.
But Menendez and Montgomery ruled that there was no state court proceeding so section 1911 is inapposite. Additionally, the plaintiffs failed to allege any facts indicating that the children were neither residing or domiciled on the SMSC reservation when the tribal court took jurisdiction, Menendez said.
Now admittedly, these cases do not involve claims by accountants asserting such liens, so all these cases are factually inapposite. Thus, the above cases do not go so far as to explicitly state that charging liens and retaining liens are remedies available solely and exclusively to lawyers, and not to anyone else (such as accountants).
Lapolla and Pezzullo urged that the development of housing lots was inapposite to the comprehensive plans goal of preserving agricultural lands.
(82) The Eighth Circuit held that the continuing violations theory applied and although the agreement was executed outside the limitations period, "the anticompetitive nature of the wholesalers' agreement was not revealed until several years after," such that the subsequent "price increase by the wholesalers restarted the statute of limitations." (83) Here, the Eighth Circuit panel found that Wholesale Grocers was inapposite and instead demonstrative of and "consistent with other decisions in which [it] held that in order to restart the statute of limitations, more than the mere performance or reaffirmation of an unlawful agreement is required to satisfy the overt act requirement of a continuing antitrust violation." (84)
The duty to warn is inapposite where there is no confidentiality to be breached.
"Not only is the analogy inapposite, but LinkedIn ignores that the public profile data of members would not reside on its website in the first place but for its express promise that the data would be public for all to see and use."