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Not pertinent; unsuitable.

in·ap′po·site·ly adv.
in·ap′po·site·ness n.


not appropriate or pertinent; unsuitable
inˈappositely adv
inˈappositeness n


(ɪnˈæp ə zɪt)

not apposite; not pertinent.
in•ap′po•site•ly, adv.
in•ap′po•site•ness, n.
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Adj.1.inapposite - of an inappropriate or misapplied nature
malapropos - of an inappropriate or incorrectly applied nature


[ɪnˈæpəzɪt] ADJinapropiado, fuera de lugar


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Lapolla and Pezzullo urged that the development of housing lots was inapposite to the comprehensive plans goal of preserving agricultural lands.
In 2016, the Court of Appeals said applying the exigent circumstances exception to the warrant requirement was inapposite, however.
The duty to warn is inapposite where there is no confidentiality to be breached.
The usual designation of Left and Right is inapposite, because normally the two hands cooperate.
Not only is the analogy inapposite, but LinkedIn ignores that the public profile data of members would not reside on its website in the first place but for its express promise that the data would be public for all to see and use.
Burwell is inapposite, and that the Second Circuit introduced ambiguity where no ambiguity previously existed and improperly extended Chevron deference to the SEC.
138) The court found the analogy of Krigel's conduct to Oberhellmann inapposite because Oberhellmann committed misconduct in two separate cases.
The decision-maker is conducting an inquiry more than an adjudication, and so the concept of burden of proof is simply inapposite.
Moreover, under circumstances such as these, where there are no witnesses to an accident, the doctrine is inapposite, because the parties are equally situated, neither having knowledge of the surrounding events (see Wright v New York City Hous.
The SROE's unitary self-defense framework, originally designed to provide national self-defense guidance to naval forces operating during the Cold War, is derived from jus ad bellum principles inapposite to the use of force at the individual and small-unit level.
Folks, that's just a made-up number, manufactured by the administration's publicity machine and based on ambiguous, dated and, in many cases, inapposite research.
In those cases, the 50/50 baseline was inapposite where there were large amounts in dispute, gaps in access to information, or where settlement costs were high relative to litigation costs.