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Not pertinent; unsuitable.

in·ap′po·site·ly adv.
in·ap′po·site·ness n.
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Noun1.inappositeness - inappropriateness; "greater inaptness of expression would be hard to imagine"
inappropriateness, unworthiness - the quality of being not particularly suitable or befitting; "he retracted nothing that he had said about the inappropriateness of either a corporeal God or a God who is a person"; "his praise released from her loud protestations of her unworthiness"
appositeness, aptness - appropriateness for the occasion; "the phrase had considerable aptness"
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What I would suggest is that Johnson's allegation of anti-Aristotelianism is fuelled less by anxieties over mimesis than by barely articulated misgivings over the misapplication or inappositeness of 'industry' to poetical endeavour; and if the sine qua non of poetry is wit, then wit and 'industry' must perforce be put asunder.
I have elsewhere posited the inappositeness of these images in the case of child soldiers, where the faultless passive victim image dominates international legal and policy discourse.