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Too small to be noticed or make a significant difference; negligible: inappreciable fluctuations in temperature.

in′ap·pre′cia·bly adv.


1. incapable of being appreciated
2. imperceptible; negligible
ˌinapˈpreciably adv


(ˌɪn əˈpri ʃi ə bəl, -ʃə bəl)

imperceptible; insignificant: an inappreciable difference.
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Adj.1.inappreciable - too small to make a significant difference; "inappreciable fluctuations in temperature"
unimportant, insignificant - devoid of importance, meaning, or force


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Consider, too, that all the pleasant little dim ideas and complacencies--of standing well with Timpson, of dispensing advice when he was asked for it, of impressing his friend Tulliver with additional respect, of saying something, and saying it emphatically, with other inappreciably minute ingredients that went along with the warm hearth and the brandy-and-water to make up Mr.
Results show that pH can inappreciably influence the catalytic activity of TEMPO-np-AuNPs at the range of 5.0 to 8.5.
The weak relationship between core analysis porosity and permeability indicated that the porosity of these tight reservoirs inappreciably impacts on permeability, implying that the permeability of tight reservoir was controlled by the other factors (Figure 3).