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1. Inappropriate: an inapt remark.
2. Inept: inapt handling of the project.

in·apt′ly adv.
in·apt′ness n.
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Noun1.inaptness - inappropriateness; "greater inaptness of expression would be hard to imagine"
inappropriateness, unworthiness - the quality of being not particularly suitable or befitting; "he retracted nothing that he had said about the inappropriateness of either a corporeal God or a God who is a person"; "his praise released from her loud protestations of her unworthiness"
appositeness, aptness - appropriateness for the occasion; "the phrase had considerable aptness"
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Wallensteen (2002) stated that conflict resolution is to make efforts to remove the inappropriateness or solve the inaptness of the conflict.
The incapacity of use means practically the inaptness to be a subject of law (it is about a decrease of the legal personality), when the incapacity of exercise is the inaptitude of the person to exercise by herself a right already obtained.
The patients said that due to inaptness and irresponsible attitude of the hospital administration they failed to deposit the outstanding bills causing a lot of hardship to them.
Nevertheless, there were some reservations from some sections, primarily educated under western systems of education, regarding the inaptness of Islamist forces to deal impartially with the diversified religio-social and cultural traits of Pakistani society.
He said that the completion of the Nandipur Power by the Punjab government had brought more criticism to the inaptness of the government and it was hard to find even exception to justify its competitiveness and violability.
Hyperbolized and personified, it clings to its function as human habitation despite its apparent inaptness, and as such simply extends its owner's objectified personality.
again suggests the inaptness of the international war model of detention
The fact that the national mass media provide exaggerated and contradictory information and the inaptness to understand local contexts from different countries has a considerable share in the aggravation of the crisis.
Where, in response to such criticisms, Latour (1999) lamented the inaptness of its rendering of the original French, proffering "actant-rhizomes" as an alternative to the actor-network, Law and Mol, by contrast, responded by suggesting the necessity of "inquir[ing] into the possibility of other, non-Euclidean, non-network spatialities" (2001, page 613).
Dislike, distrust, and inaptness among individuals indicate the presence of RC (Barki & Hartwick, 2004; Jehn, 1995).
THAT RESPECT IS MISSING FROM STEDMAN Jones's Masters of the Universe, as can be seen in the very inaptness of its title.
Addressing a Press conference at his residence here Monday he said inaptness and anti Balochistan behaviour of Aslam Raisani can be well guessed he did not visit flood hit areas of Jaffarabad and Nasirabad what to talk about assistance for flood hit people.