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n.1.A method of ingrafting. See Inarch.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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the very weeds are left free to flower Corn poppys red & carlock gleaming gold That makes the corn field shine in summers hour Like painted skys--& fancys distant eye May well imagine armys inarching bye In all the grand array of pomp & power (MP 4:299, lines 9-14) The flowers mark the cornfield as an assertion of untrammeled life that coexists with the cultivated wheat field.
If there is some distinctiveness in the case of Germany--a distinctiveness that does corroborate the larger pattern of actively reengaging the Romantic intellectual legacy in order to formulate twentieth-century cultural and political agendas--then it must reside in the fact that Romanticism, as the first consistently articulated and large-scale reaction to the philosophical project of modernity, was fused in Germany with the rise of a cultural-political nationalism (Fichte, after all, wrote his Addresses to the German Nation while looking through his window on the French troops inarching outside).
(2012) assessed the fixation of inarching and did not observe survival of P guajava 'Paluma' inarching with accession 116, either.
At several points in the book the authors allude to connections with school inarching ensembles, but none directly discuss them.