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Not arguable.

in·ar′gu·a·bly adv.


in an inarguable or unquestionable manner
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Animalier patterns, that are inarguably Cavalli, decorate stretch silks and pattern fine knits.
The PPP has inarguably been the greatest victim of political violence.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 24 (ANI): Spring-time is synonymous with festivity and the best reflection of that is the festival of Holi, inarguably one of the most popular in the country.
Gusau said: 'It is inarguably clear that you cannot achieve maximum economic development in any country without understanding and realise the importance of a vibrant and efficient rail system.
Such tactics may be bad for democracy and inarguably constitute a coarsening of an already abrasive political culture but it proved a path to power.
In addition, its core UK electricals market is inarguably cyclical, which is a concern as the UK consumer outlook undoubtedly faces challenges in the near term.
In their speeches, local clerics including Maulana Anwar-ul-Haq Haqqani and Professor Arshad Rashid stressed that gas is not just a rare natural resource but inarguably the best and most affordable fuel and as conscientious citizens we must do everything we can do to use it responsibly and ethically.
The Nest Collective is inarguably the most innovative group in East Africa.
Though inarguably pretty damn healthy, this early growth does suggest a level of reticence from investors, who appear to be taking on board Donald Tusk's warning that the real hard part - ie the forging of a new relationship between the UK and EU - is still to come.
Le Guin is a natural storyteller, and these snippets from her life are inarguably delightful.
Think Casablanca and you're reminded of a romantic drama, Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, and perhaps what is inarguably the 'greatest movie of all time'.
Life is unfair u and women inarguably have been on the receiving end of unfairness for long enough.