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Noun1.inaudibleness - the quality of not being perceptible by the ear
physical property - any property used to characterize matter and energy and their interactions
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Poesie et valeur, Michel Deguy's excellent meditation on the issue--finely accompanied by Christopher Elson's translation--does not, however, seek to delve into the niceties of subjective response to today's poetry but, rather, anchors itself in a larger reflection that has concerned Deguy for a number of years: poetry's relation to the "cultural." On the one hand, he argues, the sociological value of poetry may be said to have slumped today to nearly null; on the other hand, it remains "inestimable." Contemporary poetry's relative antinarrativity, its frequent obliqueness and opaqueness, its "inaudibleness" (which I take to mean its dislocated musicality), its usual lack of manifest sociopolitical engagement--all these factors have contributed to a mutual retreat of writer and reader.