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Impossible to hear: an inaudible conversation.

in·au′di·bil′i·ty n.
in·au′di·bly adv.
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Adv.1.inaudibly - in an inaudible manner; "she spoke inaudibly low"
audibly - in an audible manner; "he spoke audibly"
بِصورَةٍ غَيْر مَسْموعَه
alig hallhatóan
duyulmaz şekilde


[ɪnˈɔːdəblɪ] ADVde forma or modo inaudible
he spoke almost inaudiblyhabló tan bajo que apenas se le podía oír


[ɪnˈɔːdəblɪ] adv (speak) → in modo appena percettibile


(inˈoːdəbl) adjective
not loud or clear enough to be heard. Her voice was inaudible because of the noise.
inˈaudibly adverb
inˌaudiˈbility noun
References in classic literature ?
March, laughing inaudibly at the recollection of Jo's dinner party, for she had met Miss Crocker and heard her account of it.
Magua muttered a few words, inaudibly, between his teeth, before he continued, aloud:
He was now speaking very quickly and almost inaudibly.
From a position fronting my own, he had gradually brought round his chair, so as to sit with his face to the door of the chamber; and thus I could but partially perceive his features, although I saw that his lips trembled as if he were murmuring inaudibly.
A man, knee-deep near the towing path, shouted inaudibly to me and pointed.
murmured Arthur, inaudibly to all but Lady Muriel and myself.
It thundered some foreign name loudly but inaudibly, and the hotel proprietor moved more sharply towards it than he had done for Flambeau's sherry.
Quale asked Ada and me, not inaudibly, whether he was not a great creature--which he certainly was, flabbily speaking, though Mr.
Daisy sat at a distance from the piano, and though she had publicly, as it were, professed a high admiration for his singing, talked, not inaudibly, while it was going on.
Then he drew him along, murmuring almost inaudibly,
she whispered almost inaudibly, glancing up at him from under her brows, smiling, and almost crying from excitement.
You will never hear the tom-tom again," he muttered, but inaudibly of course, for strict silence had been enjoined