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Adv.1.inaugurally - so as to inaugurate; "the mayor inaugurally drove the spade into the ground"
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Every conservation and event here narrated is ethnographically factual, yet the book is essentially about the fundamental fantasies and subjective conversions of a generation surrendered to "the passion for the real." This Bilbao generation of the sixties-branded inaugurally by the trauma of ETA, socialism, atheism.
Nihilism is understood in the sense inaugurally outlined by Nietzsche: the dissolution of all ultimate foundations, the awareness that--in the history of philosophy and Western culture in general--'God is dead' and 'the real world has become a fable'.
The neo-imperial capitalist version of globalization inaugurally sponsored by the Reagan administration has not been satisfied simply to take over the production of culture from the humanities.
As Phelan notes, Lacan's reading of Freud's work on narcissism places emphasis on the connection between grief and narcissism: "There is something originally, inaugurally, profoundly wounded in the human relation to the world ...
This DVD film research was inaugurally funded by the UK National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA).