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 (ĭn-ô′gyə-rāt′, -gə-)
tr.v. in·au·gu·rat·ed, in·au·gu·rat·ing, in·au·gu·rates
1. To induct into office by a formal ceremony.
2. To cause to begin, especially officially or formally: inaugurate a new immigration policy. See Synonyms at begin.
3. To open or begin use of formally with a ceremony; dedicate: inaugurate a community center.

[Latin inaugurāre, inaugurāt-, to consecrate by augury : in-, intensive pref.; see in-2 + augurāre, to augur (from augur, soothsayer; see aug- in Indo-European roots).]

in·au′gu·ra′tor n.
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In his "Jerusalem Address: The Novel and Europe", Kundera also advocates a similar kind of novel, positing Cervantes as the inaugurator of such a tradition.
God is the Creator of the human being, and simultaneously also the Inaugurator of sex and of sexual difference.
The book is to be the inaugurator of a series devoted to Rand on major themes in the philosophical lexicon.
31) Mythic residue is what Coover warns us we have to struggle against at the outset of his career in Pricksongs & Descants, in his dedicatory homage to the inaugurator of metafiction, Cervantes.
s aim here is to argue more comprehensively that Paul was the inaugurator of the Christian use of this paradigm.
Yet his coming to be seen as a savior figure, as an inaugurator of the millennium, was not his work alone.
And to him goes the credit as the inaugurator of the great tradition of Nigerian literature--that tradition which highlights the dignity of our manhood and our oral heritage.
Automotive consultant and inaugurator of the prize, Christian Philippsen, said, 'Ian Callum, Jaguar's design director, and his team have achieved not only a beautiful design in clothing a world-premiere and mouth-watering technology, but also a true Jaguar, projecting the brand's DNA into the future without an ounce of nostalgia.
FOR a long time I have been a supporter of Museums, formerly known as Museums and Galleries in Liverpool, and I have been since the organisation was founded by the government and had an auspicious successful inaugurator in the late Sir Richard Foster of blessed memory.
OVER THE LAST TWO DECADES MARIA EDGEWORTH HAS BEEN RECOVERED for the history of British novels as the inaugurator of the Irish national tale, a sub-genre that facilitated the tradition's transformation in the early nineteenth century.