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Not favorable; not auspicious.

in′aus·pi′cious·ly adv.
in′aus·pi′cious·ness n.
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Noun1.inauspiciousness - the quality of suggesting an unsuccessful result
unfavorableness, unfavourableness - the quality of not being encouraging or indicative of success
auspiciousness, propitiousness - the favorable quality of strongly indicating a successful result
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Yet for all of the inauspiciousness of these beginnings, privilege seemed to be Lukin's birthright.
In contrast, Siyyid Muhammad the Astrologer says: 'any great man who has seen them [the comets] has said that they are the symbol of the inauspiciousness [.
Interestingly, when you get in an elevator in a Chinese hotel, you will find yourself on the 15th floor once you have passed the 13th, due to the inauspiciousness of the number 14.