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Not genuine or authentic.

in′au·then·tic′i·ty (-tĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
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not authentic; false
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(ˌɪn ɔˈθɛn tɪk)

not authentic.
in`au•then′ti•cal•ly, adv.
in`au•then•tic′i•ty (-θɛnˈtɪs ɪ ti, -θən-) n.
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Adj.1.inauthentic - intended to deceiveinauthentic - intended to deceive; "a spurious work of art"
counterfeit, imitative - not genuine; imitating something superior; "counterfeit emotion"; "counterfeit money"; "counterfeit works of art"; "a counterfeit prince"
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If you do it poorly and inauthentically, it can look like you're trying to be something you're not.
Well-intentioned youth voice efforts can fail if implemented inauthentically and without regular self-reflection (e.g., Levinson, 2012; Quaglia & Corso, 2014; Quiroz, 2001; Silva, 2003; Silva & Rubin, 2003).
As Chogyam Trungpa (Kyabgon, 2011) observed, 'In seeking to untangle ourselves we immediately come up against our entanglements.' We quickly discover that we are seeking authenticity because we are suffering from living inauthentically, dreaming through life in a troubled sleep.
Living authentically occurs when an individual seeks or has found purpose and meaning and approaches life accordingly, whereas a lack of meaning defines living inauthentically. In other words, a person can be said to be going through the motions or experiencing everydayness in his or her approach to life.
That is, he follows Husserl in distinguishing the act and the object of intentionality, but he goes further in envisioning a dual mode to the act: it can be enacted inauthentically or authentically.
In the past, this has taken the form of personalized birthday, holiday, or "friend-niversary" videos and slideshows, and, of course, the inauthentically cringeworthy birthday email "wishing you the best" from "all of us here at Facebook." A year ago, Facebook began letting users type keywords that cue various animations, such as balloons, fireworks, thumbs up, flying stars, and hearts.
Buddhist practices that trespass such boundaries may be deemed as inappropriate, inauthentically Buddhist, or even illegal (Baird, Bernstein, Jacoby, Leider, Makley, Sihle, Thompson).
Price's assertion that "narrative padding" could only be inauthentically represented by reviewers is one with which Dallas would readily agree, but she sees those parts as being devalued by Victorian reviews, whereas Dallas thought it was only through the experience of "longer stretches of narrative" that readers could, over time, appreciate a novel's vision of a social whole and absorb its ethical truth.
(5) "Dasein" (literally "there-being," Heidegger's impersonal way to refer to an individual subject) exists inauthentically in its averageness, in the daily activities for which its own being is not the primary issue, where the activity itself is primary, such as in trying to accomplish some task for a given, practical purpose--doing one's job well in order to earn a paycheck, for instance, or going to the post office in order to mail a letter.
This will lead Dasein to unconceal and retrieve how Dasein has closed itself to possibilities and the call of conscience by falling prey to understanding its world inauthentically through 'the they'.
Ontologically, this guilt points towards a crisis in Dasein between its comfortable absorption in the they and a sense of the full potentiality of possibility denied by existing inauthentically. The anxiety of an inauthentic relationship towards death makes Dasein guilty about its failure to enter into a relationship with death authentically, but instead of leading Dasein towards authentic being-toward-death, these films offer an ontic and false sense of hope that Dasein can reach new possibilities without having to modify itself existentielly.
To act inauthentically -- to try to be someone you're not -- will strike others as posturing will prove unsuccessful, Henry warned.