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Not genuine or authentic.

in′au·then·tic′i·ty (-tĭs′ĭ-tē) n.


the quality of being inauthentic
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So Clinton, despite her so far lackluster campaign, and despite a popular perception of inauthenticity, even outright shiftiness, will probably hang on to her party and scrape through in the end.
Chapter three offers an initial characterization of Dasein's self-questioning search for meaning, and thereby for transformation from inauthenticity to authenticity; chapter four shows how an understanding of Dasein's being as care unfolds a particular conception of the world and our relations to everything within it, according to which we exist as thrown projection (always-already situated and transcending that situation).
It is understandable that the author does not investigate this issue further since their inauthenticity has become scholarly consensus today.
A comic debut novel that explores the authenticity, or inauthenticity, of our relationships to art and to each other.
As part of this negotiation, both plays portray women who subversively and self-reflexively reimagine women of the past, and both plays consistently emphasize the inauthenticity of these imagined pasts.
Both The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 are clearly in the realm of inauthenticity.
Loretta Lynn's "Coal Miner's Daughter," Garth Brooks's "Friends in Low Places"), should not be understood as an expression of class resentment, defeatism, or (in the case of singers who make it rich) inauthenticity.
True, she's got enough genuine inauthenticity to go around -- decades of positioning, framing, parsing, dodging -- but the perception is compounded by the obvious staginess of the gigantic political apparatus that surrounds her and directs her movements.
Siegfried Wagner was homosexual, but had to marry Winifred and produce offspring to maintain the family dynasty, so his characters often struggle with inauthenticity.
From one angle, to be outraged at Unity and Alwyn's ostensible inauthenticity implies being outraged at Frame herself, and indeed at all writing, given that no writing exists as an unmediated transfer from experience to the page.
If both alternatives were on par, you didn't make a mistake of reason, but you may have made one of inauthenticity.
Where Rancho used comic incompetence to establish the inauthenticity of its characters, Electra uses stylization; almost every scene is a set piece.