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Not genuine or authentic.

in′au·then·tic′i·ty (-tĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
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the quality of being inauthentic
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Olaf's and can be helpful in the present age, one that Marino dubs as an Age of Inauthenticity. He employs it in a neatly structured way to explore how the writings of Kierkegaard and other writers, thinkers and philosophers bear the label of 'existential'.
However, deep inside I recognized the irony on how one can pray this much, but still go back to all the squabbles and inauthenticity the minute the rituals stopped.
The sequence is a visual presaging of Antonio's gutless inauthenticity, his failure to live up to his role as husband and father.
Before a brand decides to champion a cause, it should ask itself if it is an appropriate fit, either through a history of support or a commitment to future action, as perceived inauthenticity can lead to backlash.
Wrong Ramen, which 'proudly proclaims its inauthenticity,' is a 21-seater ramen house that sells unconventional ramen flavors.
ws " The book lifts the lid not only on Cardiff life but also on the masks human beings present to the world, puncturing posturing and shining the light on inauthenticity. This is in line with Morais' humbly stated ambition for the book:"The only thing I hope people will get out of this book is that they see Ths gs something they know of the world in a new way for a second," he says.
The phrases "cheesy", "cringewor- thy", and "too commercial" came up, echoing the previous panel's warnings against inauthenticity. There followed revelations such as "the only time I pick up a magazine is when I have run out of data in a
Moses repeatedly moved from conformity and inauthenticity to nonconformity and authenticity in a determined attempt to remain true to himself.
In priming themselves to be among the most Instagrammed places in the world, resorts such as Tulum and Isla Holbox have no doubt become popular with younger travellers, but the inauthenticity detracts from the beauty.
She is also using the British English vowel normally heard in the word 'thought' in the phrase 'We all had a nice day', in the word 'all'." People changing accents is often criticised as a sign of inauthenticity. Madonna, for example, was ridiculed when she started talking like her former husband Guy Ritchie.
According to findings of a study conducted by networking researchers Tiziana Casciaro, Francesca Gino and Maryam Kouchaki, people perceive networking as a way of "moral contamination and inauthenticity".