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adj. Sports
1. Involving putting the ball into play by passing it from out of bounds to a teammate in the playing area.
2. Being or occurring within the designated boundaries of a playing area.



1. being within the boundaries of a court or field.
2. of or pertaining to passing a basketball onto the court from out of bounds.
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For all of these occasions, we have a simple, quick-hitting inbounds play off a triangular formation under the basket or up a sideline.
He looks either for the inbounds pass from #1 or to replace #5 in the vacated corner area.
Our 1 player (point guard) works to get open on the ball side as close to the inbounds man as necessary to provide a passing option, and the 4 player (power forward) posts up at the nearest foul line in case we need him to help relieve any fullcourt pressure.