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adj. Sports
1. Involving putting the ball into play by passing it from out of bounds to a teammate in the playing area.
2. Being or occurring within the designated boundaries of a playing area.



1. being within the boundaries of a court or field.
2. of or pertaining to passing a basketball onto the court from out of bounds.
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For all of these occasions, we have a simple, quick-hitting inbounds play off a triangular formation under the basket or up a sideline.
He looks either for the inbounds pass from #1 or to replace #5 in the vacated corner area.
Even if a team uses three different plays, the plays stay consistent in that these same three inbounds positions will always be filled--just with different players.
The weakside wing can look for his shot or hit the cutter at the top of the key or primarily look for 1 who has stepped inbounds and then flashed to the low-post area.
Our 1 player (point guard) works to get open on the ball side as close to the inbounds man as necessary to provide a passing option, and the 4 player (power forward) posts up at the nearest foul line in case we need him to help relieve any fullcourt pressure.
Coaches have discovered that they do not have to set up anything special for the sideline inbounds situations.
This kind of defensive focus comes in very handy when designing one's own inbounds plays - preventing the opponents from effectively defensing them.
launched RedPrairie Routing Portal, a Web-based program for coordinating inbound shipments and reverse logistics.