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A linear regression of individual phenotype on inbreeding coefficient was used to estimate inbreeding depression using the PROC Mixed procedure of the SAS program.
As a result, breeding process can be negatively affected by inbreeding depression, also defined by a decrease in the phenotypic value of traits as a direct consequence of inbreeding (FALCONER & MACKAY, 1996).
Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Shenzhen have discovered that most potatoes have a weakgenetic makeup, due to excessive breeding with close relatives - a condition called 'inbreeding depression.'
They have reported that due to inbreeding depression and unfavourable management conditions low values of correlation and regression estimates can be observed.
After the full herd examination and taking the complete history from Bob, the students concluded the goat herd was experiencing the early stages of inbreeding depression. Inbreeding occurs when animals that are closely related are bred deliberately or by chance.
These blocks are thought to have evolved as a result of the combined costs of inbreeding depression and the probability that a self-fertilized gamete could have been fertilized by an outcrossed gamete (gamete discounting), outweighing the benefits of transmitting more self genes and assuring reproduction (Goodwillie et al., 2005: Johnston et al., 2009).
It has also been stated that high level of inbreeding can cause inbreeding depression in herd.
Selection against homozygotes during recruitment could have affected the maintenance of HWE at the mature stage, as tree species generally experience high levels of inbreeding depression early in the life cycle [39].
Here you get the all the syllabus step by step complete chapter and highlighted the all important topics like Modes of asexual reproduction, Pre-fertilization Events, Inbreeding depression, Double fertilization, Gametogenesis, Fertilization and Events of Pregnancy, Post-Mendelian Genetics, Hardy-Weinberg principle etc.