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1. Ritual recitation of verbal charms or spells to produce a magic effect.
a. A formula used in ritual recitation; a verbal charm or spell.
b. A conventionalized utterance repeated without thought or aptness; a formula: the pious incantations of the administration.

[Middle English incantacioun, from Old French incantation, from Late Latin incantātiō, incantātiōn-, spell, from Latin incantātus, past participle of incantāre, to enchant; see enchant.]

in′can·ta′tion·al adj.
in·can′ta·to′ry (-tə-tôr′ē) adj.


relating to or having the characteristics of an incantation
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In another translation by Hacker on A Public Space, the poem " Genesis " has an incantatory, al-Sayyabesque effect, with "Rain on rain/ And mud on mud," as though al-Sayyab's iconic "Rain Song" were re-written in a female voice, in contemporary Syria:
From Santiago Papasquiaro's guttural growl to Bruno Montane Krebs's occasionally classical sounding style, or from Edgar Artaud Jarry's urgent playfulness to Maria Guadalupe Ochoa Avila's incantatory, hymn-like pieces, my intention was to do my best as a translator to get out of the way of each poet's voice and let it speak for itself in a new language.
The real significance of Evans's photographic work, it claims, lies in how he taps into the incantatory power of old weird America, the folky vernacular culture evident in the outmoded and overlooked: handpainted signs, rural wooden churches built without architects, rotogravure news photos, penny postcards, Polaroid snapshots.
There were thirty-nine papers on thirteen panels given on the Friday and Saturday of the conference, on diverse topics including Crossing Genres: The Scarlet Letter, Hawthornes Stages/Phases of Authorship; Strategies of Isolation and Sympathy; Psychological Profiles and Diasporas; Sexual Performances; Catholicism, Law, and Morality; Veils and Visions; Travel and the Environment; Duelists, Editors, and Magazine Pieces; Hawthorne and Women; Hawthorne's Philosophical Approached and the Visual Arts; The Sketch; and Material Preservations, Incantatory Restorations.
The Mexican Flyboy reads like a surrealist dream: it is a fairy tale for adults, a novel where clairvoyant superheroes (Mandrake the Magician) and historical figures (Joan of Arc, Jesse Washington, and Ethel Rosenberg, among others) are brought to life by an incantatory language that animates and reenacts a history of unparalleled horrors, unrelenting fanaticism, and crowd complicity.
The repetitions are a Malick tic: hidden emotions turned into incantatory motifs.
The second stanza provided some of the flavour and incantatory quality of the poem:
In The Body Incantatory Paul Copp advances a bold approach to understanding the significance of spell literature and spell procedures (dharanis and mantras) in medieval Chinese Buddhism.
Smith explores the poetic, spiritual, and political functions of Julian's 'vernacular incantatory rhythms' (p.
No-one who has heard Thomas read poetry can fail to notice the incantatory, 'hwyl' preaching style that he must have heard so often as a child.
It takes on even more incantatory power today by being in Middle English (though considerable translation is necessary--the "shoures soote" are "showers sweet").
The text feels incantatory, ritualistic, finding meaning in the minute deformations of its repetition.