tr.v. in·cant·ed, in·cant·ing, in·cants
To chant or intone (ritual or magic words).

[Latin incantāre; see enchant.]
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well there's two magic words the brother has been incanting; "Brendan Rodgers.
Dear sister remember that time I was eight and I snuck a record From your collection to listen to music While streetlamp shadows shifted On the snow vinyl spun in purple Like the sky shaping itself into inky streaks As the hum of a ballad like a prayer Murmured through the house Now each morning I pray for silence Our speaker gives a clear scene that spins into something Dali-esque, where vinyl spins into "purple like the sky." Notice Quesada embedding consonance with his s's and original euphony with "spun in purple" and elsewhere like "a haze of zinnias" and "loose neck of a goose" and "Antilles lilies." He's incanting.
incanting first his Marxist slogans, then, as the bombs fall on his
THE world and his dog know that politicians have been incanting "the need to stay in and reform the EU" since Adam was a lad,or to be more precise since those days when the Lib Dems wanted to destroy the British economy by joining the EMU.
To be more precise, they have at least had little trouble in incanting the avoidance-of-prolonged-litigation rationale.
They'd wander through the woods, ecstatically incanting midnight prayers.
Mention his tenure to most fans and they'll go all Edvard Munch on you, all hollow–eyed and sunkencheeked, incanting the numbers 4–6–0 like they were 6–6–6.
The winter bride is the phantom barker that looms beneath the surface of the narrative, incanting each character to live the life he or she wants to live.
was circling her "Woman" novel,Jungfrau (1936), incanting her
(128.) See Lininger, Forward, supra note 115, at 29 ("[P]olice will likely try to adapt their practices so that they can accomplish the same goals by simply incanting the right rationale for their actions.
He had a gift for understanding and transforming low or "base" materials, as he called them, and in his hands a bowl of mud would become a psychosexual volcanic landscape as he pressed a clean white cup into it while incanting, "Raise a rim around it," over and over.
This spectacle of a Christian government agent enforcing the 18th Amendment to the American Constitution by cleansing a Jew of his perceived sins by murdering him in a primal act of religious fanaticismVan Alden forcibly holds the struggling Sebso's head under water for what seems like an eternity while incanting Christian liturgical promises of eternityis horrifying.