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tr.v. in·ca·pac·i·tat·ed, in·ca·pac·i·tat·ing, in·ca·pac·i·tates
1. To deprive of strength or ability; disable.
2. To make legally ineligible; disqualify.

in′ca·pac′i·ta′tion n.
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But he had technically laid himself open to the malice of his enemies and was condemned to very heavy penalties, of which two were enforced, namely, perpetual incapacitation from holding public office, and banishment from Court.
5 million and the one who suffer temporary incapacitation would receive Rs 0.
A viral illness was cited as the primary cause for Root's incapacitation but the hot weather might also have contributed and, at the very least, brought the matter to the attention of the influential advisory group.
Environmental Risk' (potential for incapacitation, commonly referred to as a 'Man Down' situation, due to illness or a sudden trip or fall etc.
The military authorities shall pay the above-mentioned bonus to all officers who, prior to the issuance of this decision, were recommended not to continue their military service for their incapacitation for military service and their salaries were suspended in order to complete the necessary procedures for the issuance of royal orders to terminate their services and this decision was issued before the issuance of those orders, as of the date of suspension of payment of their salaries until the date of issuance of those orders.
LegacyArmour enables individuals to deliver information such as important documents, images, or account passwords to someone else at a designated time or upon a triggering event such as incapacitation or death.
Because the study includes only two years of data past the imposition of the three strikes legislation (1994), it does not account for any incapacitation effect.
Documents also state that the victim is incapable of consent by reason of mental incapacitation.
After a prolonged period of incapacitation, on August 16, 1961 he died of cancer in Karachi.
However, for the permanent incapacitation the existing compensation will remain the same as Rs 500,000, according to notification.
If mass incarceration describes a prison system grown to many times its normal scale, total incapacitation describes the rationale--often spelled out in slogans like "Use a gun and you're done" or "Three strikes and you're out"--that allows a criminal justice system to produce and sustain that condition.
Part 2 looks at the punishment response to crime, with material on justice, deterrence, and incapacitation.