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tr.v. in·ca·pac·i·tat·ed, in·ca·pac·i·tat·ing, in·ca·pac·i·tates
1. To deprive of strength or ability; disable.
2. To make legally ineligible; disqualify.

in′ca·pac′i·ta′tion n.
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But he had technically laid himself open to the malice of his enemies and was condemned to very heavy penalties, of which two were enforced, namely, perpetual incapacitation from holding public office, and banishment from Court.
The NTSB says pilot incapacitation led to the fatal crash of a Cessna Citation in May but it will likely never know what caused the pilot to lose consciousness at the controls.
A 15-year-old boy, also from Crawley, was arrested on suspicion of burglary with intent to steal and the possession of a weapon for the discharge of noxious liquid or gas or electrical device incapacitation.
He claimed that the Filipino people 'wish the soonest possible incapacitation of Duterte due to death or serious deterioration of his physical and mental health.'
Incapacitation by any handgun round is a result of the bullet's ability to penetrate tissue, to create a permanent cavity (the bullet hole), to create a temporary cavity (the bullet's passage) and fragmentation.
"The pilot's head was observed to slump forward and his eyes appeared to be closed in a manner that suggested incapacitation due to a state of unconsciousness.
Michigan-based Spotlight Labs, a veteran-owned technology company, has announced it has introduced its SPYDR hypoxia sensor device, a fully-developed helmet insert that gathers human biometric and aircraft condition data, detects and warns pilots of their imminent incapacitation and records high fidelity flight data, the company said.
Summary: The incident, classified as a case of 'incapacitation', is being investigated by the Austr
The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) opened the probe following the alleged incident of "pilot incapacitation" which took place on a flight from Devonport in Tasmania to neighboring King Island earlier this month.
Scholars have coined the term "strategic incapacitation" to explain the range of adversarial and social control techniques at use against contemporary protests movements (Gillham and Noakes 2007; Noakes, Edwards, Gillham 2013; Gillham 2011; Wood 2014).
The man was interviewed by armed officers on Tuesday about the alleged "electric incapacitation device."